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don't believe in me, kuz i will let you down

so yes. i think it's time i found a bridge to jump off of.

from letterkills website, from tim:

"as far as the new cd is concerned, labels and our management have basically lost interest in us because of our internal problems. we are in a situation where some of the members of our band are not interested in being a part of LK anymore, and that greatly affects the quality of what we do.
after looking at every possibility, what we have decided to do is, rather than replace members, just allow for everyone to have the opportunity to do as they wish, and if in time, everyone wishes to regroup, then i think that would be awesome. i know this isnt good news, but its the truth, straight from the horses' mouth. and i am a very reliable source of a horsey."

if i knew my fiance wouldn't think i'm silly for it, i'd be hysterically crying right now.
so basically lk doesn't exist? as in a touring, recording band. how depressing is this.... ugh.
they were my favorite band. more so than any over-popular band out there now. no matter how good another band came along, nobody took the place of my favorite band.

okay well. uhm. yeah. this is stupid.
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where on the webiste did you find this???
i have to show a friend cause he doesnt beleive me.
the q&a section a few questions down

i hope they regroup