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Write Something To Letter Kills

Hi Letter Kills fans,

I am going to see Letter Kills on October 27th and I'm also supposed to interview Matt at the show. I want to give the band something from the fans because you guys are wicked rad. So...I am planning on making a book (similar to a scrapbook) with messages/pictures sent in by their fans as well as magazine articles they've had, etc. If you would like to have a message in the book please send an e-mail to: with the following:

1 -- A message to the can be as short as, "You guys rock! -- (your name here)"...or you can write a long one, that's up to you. *Please no longer than a page...I don't want to run out of ink!*
2 (optional) -- Pictures of you with the band and/or pictures of the band from when you saw them.

*This book will only work if enough fans write in, so please write something!*
Thanks so much!!!! Rock out!
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